Soil Ph mean

1600 - 1800m


1100 - 1200

Precipitation range


Coffee trees

Certified under

Our Product

  • Fully washed Arabica bourbon –Majority A1 & A2 QUALITY.
  • Chocolate brownie, tea & nutty.

The taste profile of Kopakaki is considered to have some unique flavor due to high altitude and aromatic qualities, most notably including apple, sweet citrus, floral, jasmine, honey, bergamot, almonds, and sweet chocolate; together with a unique taste of orange like, Noteworthy- lingering sweet finish and aftertaste.

Our Process

Through wet processing, we ensure that well ripe coffee cherries from farmers are carefully sorted, depulped, washed, and sun dried at articulated periods so as to ensure the natural flavor of the Arabica bourbon coffee is maintained throughout. Different quality control measures are established at each step of the value chain from farms up to the export through to the cup so as to develop competitive quality on the market.

Our Stories

Bahati Thierry


I have been part of KOPAKAKI since 2007. Joining KOPAKAKI has helped me improve my knowledge about coffee plantation leading to increased profits. Being part of this cooperative has improved my standards of living especially because I’ve been able to pay for university as a finance student. I’ve also been able to build myself a house and planted 2000 trees of coffee. Additionally being part of KAPAKAKI has given me access to loans which enabled me to create other businesses.

Musirikare Cyriaque


A member of KOPAKAKI since 2010. Since joining, I’ve gained tremendous knowledge on how to take care of the coffee, which has significantly increased the number of my coffee trees. Through my profit, I have been able to buy myself a house, land, and domestic animals. I’ve also learned how to live well with other cooperative members. The impacts of KOPAKAKI cooperative have also transferred to my family, for example, my wife is part of a group we created that trains women how to prepare coffee.

Nishimwe Jeanette


A member of KOPAKAKI since 2009. I have been appointed to different posts since I joined this cooperative and been able to pay my sister’s school fee, bought more 500 coffee trees. Up to now the money that I earn here helps me to pay my kid’s school fees and mine as well.

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