Our Impact

Environmental Impact

At Kopakaki we are conscious of the surroundings as to why we set up different environmental safety infrastructures. We have constructed water recycling systems to remove impurities and be reused for various purposes. We supply pulp development into the composite.

Social Impact

As Kopakaki Dutegure, we create employment opportunities to impact more people than before. In the lasts season, we employed 200 individuals and 17 permanent employees throughout the year. We process coffee from 1000 smallholder farmers, and we provide coffee trees to our members. We strengthen the government initiatives whereby we gave members cows so as to get milk and manure. As education is a key to success, we pay school fees for some of our members children, and this will help in building a foundation for their bright future. Moreover, members receive pieces of training on coffee farming. In favor of their well-being, we cover medical insurance for all members of the cooperative. In 2017, we financed 0.9 Million Rwf in paying the cooperative's members' health insurance.

Our Achievements

As Kopakaki cooperative, we have gradually grown over time with increased coffee plantations, increased station water, and attained more new members in the cooperative. We have increased production over time where we have reached 3 containers of green coffee for export and we managed to obtain the 18th place in the cup of excellence of 2010 and 2014 held in Rwanda. As a cooperative, we aim at improving the lives of farmers through provision of small loans, trained key technicians in the cooperative and have a women association of about 437 women that create handcraft baskets (UDUSEKE) and sculpture carving.

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